Jg. 31, Nr. 1 (2019)

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Inhalt PDF
Editorial PDF
Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler, Kurt P. Bierschock


Parental separation and children’s educational attainment: Heterogeneity and rare and common educational outcomes PDF
Fabrizio Bernardi, Chiara Ludovica Comolli
Having power, having babies? Fertility patterns among German elite politicians PDF
Ansgar Hudde, Carmen Friedrich
Does fixed-term employment delay important partnership events? Comparing transitions into cohabitation, marriage, parenthood and home ownership among young adults in Germany PDF
Daniel Baron, Ingmar Rapp
Does sibling and twin similarity in cognitive ability differ by parents’ education? PDF
Tina Baier
Sex and housework: Does perceived fairness of the distribution of housework actually matter? PDF
Kristin Hajek
Chinese parent-child relationships in later life in the context of social inequalities PDF
Thomas Emery, Pearl Dykstra, Maja Djundeva


Titles, abstracts and key words in German PDF