Vol. 1, No. 1 (2014): European Review of International Studies

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Reframing the International PDF
Philip G. Cerny
The Transatlantic Tennis Match in IR Theory: Personal Reflections PDF
Yale H. Ferguson
Methodological Transnationalism – Europe’s Offering to Global IR? PDF
Gunther Hellmann
The Myth of European Security ‘Autonomy’ PDF
Jolyon Howorth
Speculating on Asian Security, 2013–2033 PDF
Takashi Inoguchi
After Hegemony in International Relations, or, the Persistent Myth of American Disciplinary Hegemony PDF
Knud Erik Jørgensen
European Voices in IR Theory: a Transatlantic Perspective PDF
Richard Ned Lebow
European Influence on International Relations Studies in Korea PDF
Geun Lee
Among the Very Best: A Brief Selection of European Contributors and Contributions to IR Theory PDF
Richard W. Mansbach
US and European IR Communities and Foreign Policy. A comparative speculation PDF
Harald Müller
What does Europe have to offer IR? Exogenisation and real-life data PDF
Iver B. Neumann
Catching a formative moment: Epistemic unity in the European plurality PDF
Helena Rytövuori-Apunen
A French Whisper Among European Voices PDF
Georges Henri Soutou
European Voices in International Studies: What does Europe have to offer? PDF
Elżbieta Stadtmüller
The EU’s International Identity and the Construction of the International Order. What does the Normative Power Debate Offer to IR Studies? PDF
Teija Tiilikainen
The Role of the EU in Changing the Role of the Military in Turkish Politics PDF
Ilter Turan, Yaprak Gürsoy
A Cautious But Optimistic View from the Other Side of the Water’s Edge PDF
Thomas J. Volgy

Notes on Contributors

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Review Article

Understanding the Present – Learning from the Past PDF
Wolf-Dieter Eberwein

Book Reviews

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