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Ordoliberalism, Ordnungspolitik, and the Reason of Rules

Viktor J. Vanberg



In the debate on how to deal with the current Eurozone crisis, Germany’s insistence on binding rules has drawn attention to the ordoliberal tradition of the Freiburg School and its concept of Ordnungspolitik. The purpose of this paper is twofold, firstly, to provide a summary of the history and the core tenets of this tradition and, secondly, to discuss the rationale behind its rule-based concept of Ordnungspolitik.

JEL-Classification: B20; H10; K00; P1

Keywords: Ordoliberalism, Freiburg School, Ordnungspolitik, economic constitution.


Bibliography: Vanberg, Viktor J.: Ordoliberalism, Ordnungspolitik, and the Reason of Rules, ERIS, 3-2015, pp. 27-36.


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