Vol. 7, No. 1+2-2016: Methods for Studies in Politics, Culture & Socialization (I)

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Content PDF
Editorial PDF
Christ’l De Landtsheer, Daniel B. German, Russell Farnen, Henk Dekker

Articles No. 1

The development of political knowledge in adolescence: The importance of information-rich socialization contexts PDF
Soetkin Verhaegen, Joris Boonen
Contestation and Constitution: Civil Disobedience in the 2012-2014 Refugee Protests in Germany PDF
Johannes Diesing
A Critical Analysis of the Media Discourse in daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Based on the Example of the Nationwide Referendum in Poland in 2015 PDF
Maria Marczewska-Rytko
Making political leaders king: Enacted credibility in times of elections PDF
Sabine van Zuydam, Tamara Metze
Gender Equality and Political Participation in Ukraine after the Euromaidan revolution PDF
Oleksii Polegkyi

Articles No. 2. Special Issue on Methods for Studies in Politics, Culture and Socialization (I).

Rhetorical devices and audience responses in Norwegian political speeches PDF
Stine Iversen, Peter Bull
Linguistic discourse analysis as a tool for analyzing political communication PDF
Martina Temmerman
Talking politics at the dinner table: stereotypes in children’s political choices PDF
Christ’l De Landtsheer, Lieuwe Kalkhoven, Wannes Heirman, Philippe De Vries
The moderating role of political interest: Investigating involvement in institutional and non-institutional political participation among young adults in Sweden PDF
Viktor Dahl, Ali Abdelzadeh, Sofia Sohl

Book Reviews

Why Irrational Politics Appeals: Understanding the Allure of Trump. By Mari Fitzduff (2017). PDF
Charlotte Schaalje
The Clash of The Titans: A psycho-political cartography of Belgian politics. By Christ’l De Landtsheer and Pascal De Sutter (2011). PDF
Annelies Verschueren
The All New Don’t Think of an Elephant. By George Lakoff (2014). PDF
Jana Van Wymeersch
The Polythink Syndrome, U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions on 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and ISIS. By Alex Mintz and Carly Wayne (2016). PDF
Lauren Deckers
Propaganda and counter-terrorism. Strategies for global change. By Emma Louise Briant. (2016). PDF
Martine van Minnen
Confounding Powers. Anarchy and International Society from the Assassins to Al Qaeda. By William J. Brenner (2016). PDF
Lauren Vandenbroeck

Conference Section

Announced conferences in 2018 PDF