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Intergenerational transmissions in transnational families and national affiliations

Catherine Delcroix, Elsa Lagier

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This article explains and illustrates the method of family histories, reconstructed from crossed biographical interviews of different members of the same family. This methodology allows for the collection of fine and precious data in order to try to understand the complexity of the dynamics of intergenerational transmissions and the construction of national affiliations of immigrants’ descendants. It shows how continuously shifting family relationships underlie creativity in parenting strategies. In addition, this approach can circumvent some specific barriers to the study of immigrant families, who often speak uneasily with researchers. This methodology helps us to avoid reification of static identities.

Keywords: Family history, parenting, intergenerational transmission, migration paths, passing on, affiliation, crossed biographical interviews.


Bibliographie: Delcroix, Catherine/Lagier, Elsa: Intergenerational transmissions in transnational families and national affiliations, ZQF, 1+2-2014, S. 25-38.