Neoliberale Transformationen internationaler Bevölkerungspolitik: Die Politik Post-Kairo aus der Perspektive der Gouvernementalität

Susanne Schultz



Neoliberal transformations of international population policies: Interpreting Post-Cairo experiences from a perspective of governmentality The article discusses the transformation of international population policies after the UN Conference on Population and Development 1994 in Cairo in the context of neoliberal rationalities as they are analysed in governmentality studies. With this perspective it is possible to avoid the false alternative interpreting Post-Cairo-policies – between the thesis of rupture because of the establishment of the reproductive rights and health paradigm on the one hand and pure continuity of analysing this paradigm as merely external „feminized“ rhetoric on the other. The predominance of a health rationale after Cairo aiming to reduce „risks“ related to pregnancy makes it possible to articulate antinatalist demographic strategies with discourses about individual selfdetermination. By the differentiation of risk factors and risk groups this process of medicalization also opens population policies up for fragmented and flexible strategies corresponding to neoliberal „security policies“ by governmentality studies.


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