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Ausbruch aus der Erinnerung. Die biografischen Schatten der chinesischen Kulturrevolution

Nora Sausmikat

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Nora Sausmikat: Escape from Remembering – The Biographical Shadows of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Since the birth of oral history research and biography research discussions on the epistemological value of these data sources has taken place. This paper discusses the knowledge, which could arise from the detailed analysis of autobiographical narratives. It will be shown how the memories of women who belong to the highly stereotyped and stigmatized generation of the so-called Zhiqing-Generation are influenced by different parameters like public discourse, individual sense-making („Sinnstiftung“), their different status and „class background“ during the Cultural Revolution and identity formation. Further, it will discuss whether the different ways of remembering the Cultural Revolution are proof that there is no „master story“ of the Cultural Revolution and instead will highlight what are the driving forces for the different types of stories.