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Zurück in die Zukunft? Dependenzperspektiven in der Analyse der Diversität des Gegenwartskapitalismus

Matthias Ebenau, Facundo Parés, Lucía Suau Arinci

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Schlagwörter: Dependenztheorien; Vergleichende Kapitalismusforschung; variegierter Kapitalismus; Lateinamerika; Semiperipherie


Back to the future. Dependency perspectives on the study of contemporary capitalism in the (semi-)periphery.


This article presents an alternative framework for studying the relational dimension of capitalist diversity, particularly in Latin America and other  contexts of the global (semi-) periphery. It is based on the notion of  „variegated capitalism“ (Jessop), which is theoretically and conceptually  specifi ed with recourse to classical dependency perspectives, in particular the methodology of analysing „concrete situations“ of dependency  (Cardoso & Faletto). Dominance and dependence are specified as two  ideal-typical poles on a continuum which characterises the predominant  nature of relations between actors rooted in distinct socio-economic spaces. On this basis, a seven-dimensional analytical scheme is developed which serves to analyse the positioning of specific territories in relations of dominance-dependence. The empirical utility of this scheme is  subsequently illustrated through a brief study of the political economy of Argentina over the last decade.

Keywords: Dependency theories; Comparative Capitalisms; variegated capitalism; Latin America; semi-periphery