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Klimaanpassung als Diskurs. Ungleiche Perspektiven zur Hochwasserproblematik in Jakarta, Indonesien

Michael Spies

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Schlüsselwörter: Klimaanpassung, Klimadiskurse, Risikowahrnehmung, gemeindebasierte Projekte, Hochwasser, Jakarta


Climate Change Adaptation as Discourse: Contrasting Perspectives on Flood Issues in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Based on a case study of flood-affected neighbourhoods in Jakarta, this article discusses the impact of the ‘adaptation discourse’ on local climate change and disaster risk reduction projects in the global South. Currently, climate change policies are dominated by a very narrow understanding of adaptation that neglects not only the underlying causes of vulnerability, but also the fact that from a local perspective climate change may be just one among many factors that people have to deal with. The case study shows how the adaptation paradigm is manifested in community-based projects, where humanitarian organisations tend to limit their focus to narrowly-defined activities of flood risk reduction that (a) overlook the well-functioning self-help structures that already exist and (b) neglect that for local people fl ooding often constitutes a rather minor issue when compared to other livelihood problems. This indicates that either more effort is needed to promote alternative conceptualizations of adaptation or that the idea of adaption itself needs to be questioned with attention refocused on vulnerability reduction.

Keywords: Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Discourses, Risk Perception, Community-Based Projects, Flood, Jakarta


Bibliographie: Spies, Michael: Klimaanpassung als Diskurs. Ungleiche Perspektiven zur Hochwasserproblematik in Jakarta, Indonesien, PERIPHERIE, 3-2014, S. 404-426.