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Sexuelle und geschlechterbasierte Gewalt an Frauen in kriegsbedingten Flüchtlingslagern. Ein Literaturüberblick

Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Ulrike Krause, Lisa Loeper

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Schlüsselwörter: Postkonflikt, Flüchtlinge, Gender, Sexuelle und geschlechterbasierte Gewalt, Maskulinität


Sexual and Genderbased Violence against Women in Conflict-related Refugee Camps.


A Literature Overview. Although sexual and gender-based violence against women in conflicts is not a new phenomenon, most studies have focused on conflict zones and neglected post-conflict contexts. But what happens geographically outside of conflicts and after violent hostilities? Researchers argue that the end of conflict does not represent the end of violence, instead emphasising a continuum of violence. This article aims to discuss this continuum through a look at the state of research on sexual and gender-based violence in post-conflict contexts, in particular conflict-related refugee camps. In search of safety, most refugees flee conflicts by  crossing international borders where they are often settled in camps.  Refugee camps therefore comprise specific post-conflict environments  which are known for restrictive structures and insecure living conditions, both which impact gender relations. Through a review and discussion of relevant literature, the article takes a gender sensitive perspective to the notion of refuges and the experiences of living in refugee camps. The  authors highlight the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence against women in such camps, and draw upon gender studies theories, particularly the concept of hegemonic masculinity, as a means to explain this phenomenon. By linking peace and conflict research with forced  migration and gender studies, the authors strive to contribute to scientific approaches which reflect on the continuity of violence against women
in post-conflict contexts.

Keywords: Post-conflict, refugee, gender, sexual and gender-based violence, masculinity


Bibliographie: Buckley-Zistel, Susanne/Krause, Ulrike/Loeper, Lisa: Sexuelle und geschlechterbasierte Gewalt an Frauen in kriegsbedingten Flüchtlingslagern. Ein Literaturüberblick, PERIPHERIE, 1-2014, S. 71-89.