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Geglaubt wird überall. Religionen auf Reisen

Hanns Wienold

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Schlüsselwörter: Religion, migrantische Kirchen, Neue Religiöse Bewegungen, Religioscapes, Weltreligionen


Religion on travel.


The ubiquity of believing. Spirits and deities are travelling with their  mediums or worshippers. They move from Vietnam to California, from Haiti to Canada. African Independent Churches form prayers groups in Hamburg or Berlin, migrant communities of Bangladeshi Muslims build mosques in London, and gurus of religious movements like Radha Soami from India are constantly on move to connect with their followers all over the world. Based on braod spectrum of studies on communities of religious migrant minorities in urban centers like London, Atlanta or Istanbul the article  explores the social forms and conditions through which religious communities establish themselves, how religious rituals and practices are re-produced, and religious traditions re-invented. Transnational networks sustain religious authority, charisma and tradition in moving communities by personal exchange, social media, transnational ordination of relgious specialists, religious commerce and by staging massive religious events. The article argues that the production and reproduction of transnational religious spaces depends less on transposable universal messages and more on portable rituals, practices and objects. Fields of highly diverse religious action are expanded and transformed by relion travelling around the globe without getting integrated into a global regious system.

Keywords: Religion, migrant churches, New Religious Movements, religioscapes, world religions


Bibliographie: Wienold, Hanns: Geglaubt wird überall. Religionen auf Reisen, PERIPHERIE, 2-2014, S. 9-25.