Vol. 4, No. 2-2013: PCS – Politics, Culture and Socialization

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Table of Contents


Content PDF
Preface PDF


Political Socialization In A World Of Conflict And Change PDF
Orit Ichilov
On Political Parties in China and Western Societies PDF
Wang Feng
The Future of Political Socialization Research: Promising or Discouraging? PDF
Ellen Quintelier
Political leadership of South African statesmen: Jan Smuts and Nelson Mandela PDF
Arkadiusz Żukowski
Credible Political Leaders: Reflections on the X-Factor and Beyond PDF
Frank Hendriks
Fluid Sectoralism and the Present-Day Kibbutz PDF
Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Alon Pauker
The Origins of Adolescents’ Involvement in Illegal Political Activities: a Function of Demographic Background, Political Dissatisfaction, Affective Commitment, or Political Communication? PDF
Viktor Dahl
Populist Ideological Stances in Western Europe: Contemporary Populism in the Low Countries in the Light of the European Context PDF
Lieuwe Kalkhoven
From Patriotism to Globalism: A continuous social change mirrored in Israeli textbooks PDF
Sara Zamir
The role of personality in politics: Ashton, Barroso and Van Rompuy, Trinity at EU? PDF
Jurriaan Middelhoff, Christ’l De Landtsheer

Book Reviews

The Capitalist Personality. Face-to-Face Sociality and Economic Change in the Post-Communist World. PDF
Roberto Foa
Silvio Berlusconi: Television, Power and Patrimony. PDF
Marie Demaerel
Family, Ties, and Care. Family Transformation in a Plural Modernity PDF
Gabrielle Varro

Conference Section

Announced conferences in 2014 PDF