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Conceptions of Sexual Freedom in Marcuse, Foucault and Rubin

Peter Drucker

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LGBT movements over the past 40 years have gone from victory to victory, to an extent that would have seemed almost unimaginable at the time of the 1969 Stonewall rebellion. Yet many LGBT people are not entirely happy with the world we have won. The problem lies with the form the victories take and the context within which they are embedded. This discussion looks at how sexual freedom is conceptualised by three prominent theorists ‒ Herbert Marcuse, Michel Foucault and Gayle Rubin - as a way of rethinking what a productive notion of sexual freedom might be.

Keywords: Freedom, repression, Repressive desublimation, liberty, politics


Bibliography: Drucker, Peter: Conceptions of Sexual Freedom in Marcuse, Foucault and Rubin, INSEP, Vol. 2, Issue 1-2014, pp. 31-38.