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Der illegale Transfer von Kunstwerken aus Europa in die USA in den Jahren 1945-1949 und das Problem ihrer Restitution

Małgorzata A. Quinkenstein

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The Illegal Transfer of Works of Art from Europe to the USA in the Years 1945-1949 and the Problem of Restitution


Until today the true scope of the illegal transfer of cultural goods between Europe and the USA in the years 1944-1949 remains unknown. This article points to the need to extend the area of research by introducing into the academic discourse problems such as: the Allied restitution policy and mistakes made in the work of the Commission Allied armies to recover works of art, the significant shortcomings to protect works of art in the postwar period, the conflicts of interests among the various states, the lack of proper oversight over the activities of individual members of the Allied armies, which resulted in the looting of works of art, and the lack of supervision regarding the political considerations involved in the recovery of works of art. By reopening a discussion of these problems, it might be possible to complete the image of provenance research.


Bibliographie: Quinkenstein, Małgorzata A.: Der illegale Transfer von Kunstwerken aus Europain die USA in den Jahren 1945-1949 und das Problem ihrer Restitution, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 217-238.