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Die Breslauer Industriebeschäftigten im Jahr 1945 – eine soziodemografische Analyse

Jędrzej Chumiński

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Industrial Workers in Wroclaw in 1945 – a Socio-demographic Analysis


In May 1945, Wrocław was taken over by the Polish administration. Despite massive wartime destruction, the city became an important place of settlement for the Polish population and retained its prewar position as a large industrial centre. The situation called for the quick relocation of tens of thousands of people and the recruitment of a qualified labour force, who could take over and rebuild the city’s industrial potential. In order to determine the socio-demographic characteristics of those who were the first to take up work in the factories of Wrocław, a database was used that was created on the basis of thepersonnel records of two local industrial plants. Information derived from these records shows that, in 1945, it was well-educated people with considerable professional experience from towns of various size who took up work in the industry. Because of their relatively advanced age, they were also experienced in life and had a stable family situation. Nevertheless, these promising opportunities to rebuild the industrial potential of Wrocław were inhibited by the state’s faulty economic policy, which – in subsequent years – would lead to a significant degradation of the overall working environment.


Bibliographie: Chumiński, Jędrzej: Die Breslauer Industriebeschäftigten im Jahr 1945 – eine soziodemografische Analyse, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 134-155.