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Die beiden Weltkriege in Erinnerung und Geschichtsbewusstsein der Polen

Anna Wolff-Powęska

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The Two World Wars in Polish Collective Memory The 20th century was a period largely shaped by the two world wars. However, the First World War has played a rather minor role in Polish collective memory. It was the difficult period between 1918/19 and 1923, rather than the Great War itself, that continues to be of major significance for the Poles. During the interwar era, a reborn Poland went to war with neighboring states to establish its territory and protect its borders.Conceived as an annihilation war against the Polish people and the Jewish population on Poland’s territory, it is World War II that remains one of the most significant and traumatic events in the country’s history and in its collective memory. Its consequences, mainly the shift of Poland’s state borders and the domination of the communist regime, also play an important role. In light of these reflections, the author draws attention to a number of political developments at the beginning of the 21st century, mainly Russia’s annexation of Crimea.


Bibliographie: Wolff-Powęska, Anna: Die beiden Weltkriege in Erinnerung und Geschichtsbewusstsein der Polen, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 108-118.