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Ein feines Netz. Polnische Wirtschaft – ein Diskurs (in) der deutsch-polnischen Beziehungsgeschichte

Hubert Orłowski

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A fine net. “Polnische Wirtschaft” – a discourse in the history of Germany-Poland relations


In his article Hubert Orłowski discusses a recent study: “Polen-Deutschland: Partnerschaft für Europa? Interessen, Meinungen der Eliten, Perspektiven“ (eng. “Poland-Germany: A partnership for Euro-pe? Interests, opinions of the elites and perspectives”) by Piotr Buras and others. The authors of the study claim that a “Copernican Re- volution” took place in favor of a positive German reception of the Polish economy due to its relative stability in the course of the recent economic crisis. Orłowski criticizes the poor quantity and quality of the sources which were used to verify this hypothesis. As a historian who worked in the field of stereotype research for many years he even contradicts the possibility that the negative view on the “Polish economy” in Germany can ever be dispelled as it is the case of all longtermed stereotypes. Furthermore, he underlines the polyvalence of the term “economy” in communication and the necessity to determine the potential contexts of stereotypes in communicative actions while researching the “Polish economy” as one.


Bibliographie: Orłowski, Hubert: Ein feines Netz. Polnische Wirtschaft – ein Diskurs (in) der deutsch-polnischen Beziehungsgeschichte, JB historie, 1-2013, S. 237-246.