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Wirtschaftliche Wechselwirkungen zwischen deutschen und polnischen Gebieten im Mittelalter

Henryk Samsonowicz

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The economic interplay between German and Polish territories in the Middle Ages


The article examines the economic interactions of German and Polish territories throughout the Middle Ages. Germanic-Slavic economic relations have been multidimensional since antiquity due to close proximity. Yet, the intensity of economic interactions between Ger-man and Polish territories grew significantly following the beginning of the German colonisation (ger. “Ostsiedlung”) in the 13th century. The so called German Law was introduced to many Polish towns and the contact of German settlers with the local inhabitants led to the formation of a population which benefited from the experiences of both cultures. In the course of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century, the economic relations between both sides increased once again. This growth surge was a result of expanding exchange of goods and a renewed wave of German settlement. This time however, wealthy merchants, knights and craftsmen settled in Polish cities. The flourishing economy as well as German law allowed Germans and Polish inhabitants in a number of Polish cities to increase their cultural ties.


Bibliographie: Samsonowicz, Henryk: Wirtschaftliche Wechselwirkungen zwischen deutschen und polnischen Gebieten im Mittelalter, JB historie, 1-2013, S. 183-195.