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Genealogien und Regionen des Gedächtnisses. Zwischenbilanz nach zwei Warschauer Konferenzen

Kornelia Kończal

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Genealogies and Regions of Memory. Some Reflections on a Warsaw based Approach to Memory Studies


In 2011, a network of various Polish and German institutions laun-ched the project ”Genealogies of Memory”. Up to now, two large-scale research conferences – the first on ”Genealogies of Memory” (2011), the second on ”Regions of Memory” (2012) – and some smaller events have been organized. Further events will take place in the coming months and years. The article summarizes both symposia and presents the overall project. The goal of the project is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between scholars coming from different countries, disciplines and research traditions. Since there were no platforms for discussion or effective exchange of ideas between students of memory studies in Poland, memory-related research projects carried out by Polish scholars were rather dispersed and the dialogue between students of memory studies was fragmented, often casual and limited. The approach of ”Genealogies of Memory” contrasts sharply with the hitherto prevailing forms of communication and offers a great opportunity to discuss projects carried out in Poland, Central Europe and other regions of the world in a truly international context as well as to present less known (not only) local research traditions.


Bibliographie: Kończal, Kornelia: Genealogien und Regionen des Gedächt-nisses. Zwischenbilanz nach zwei Warschauer Konferenzen, JB historie, 1-2013, S. 39-51.