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Ost und West. Nord und Süd. Der europäische Himmelsrichtungsstreit

Wolf Lepenies

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East and West. North and South. The European cardinal points controversy


In his lecture Wolfgang Lepenies examines the relation between Ger-many, Poland and France in comparison to the conflict between Northern and Southern Europe in current European affairs. He ex-plains how the tension between the Eastern and Western bloc during the Cold War could transform into this new – in geographical respects – vertically oriented dispute. Lepenies shows that the North-South-conflict has deeper historical causes and proposes the formation of a new ”Weimar triangle” (ger. ”Weimarer Dreieck”) to solve current and future challenges in European policy.


Bibliographie: Lepenies, Wolf: Ost und West. Nord und Süd. Der europäische Himmelsrichtungsstreit, JB historie, 1-2013, S. 13-26.