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The Iranian Strategic Thought and its Recent Evolution

Bérénice Alma



The protracted negotiations on the nuclear dossier outline the difference of perception of both parties about the meaning of the nuclear question in Iranian strategic thought. Since the nuclear crisis, Western countries understand the nuclear issue as the main strategic stake for Iran, while the Western academic community questions the Iranian capacity to behave as a rational State and to react to a deterrence policy. In this paper, we examine the Iranian perception of their own strategic thought by using Iranian academic papers. We also examine the existence of a strategic thinking process in a State undermined by sclerosis of power and ideology. Lastly, we analyse the objectives in the defence field under the new presidency.

Keywords: Iranian Strategic thought, deterrence, Iranian nuclear dossier, Iranian soft power, defence diplomacy, Persian Gulf security order


Bibliography: Alma, Bérénice: The Iranian Strategic Thought and its Recent Evolution, ERIS, 1-2015, pp. 62-71.


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