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The Algerian Civil War, Reminiscences of the Colonial Enemy

Laetitia Bucaille



In Algeria, the struggle against the former colonial Power has been a constant source of legitimacy for the regime and the party that embodies it, the National Liberation Front (FLN). In 1990 and 1991, after multiparty rule was set up, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) has built its success by representing a radical alternative to the FLN, but it nevertheless incorporates some elements of the language used by the fathers of the revolution. Therefore, Islamist leaders accused Algerian leaders of betraying ideals and asserted the need to return to the authenticity of the revolution. Once political competition in Algeria strays towards armed confrontation, the claims of each camp to embody the political community and their will to discredit the adversary drive them even more to seek out this functional enemy, colonial France.

Keywords: Algeria, French-Algerian war, Algerian civil war, legitimacy, enemy.


Bibliography: Bucaille, Laetitia: The Algerian Civil War, Reminiscences of the Colonial Enemy, ERIS, 3-2014, pp. 80-93.


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