Vol. 5, No. 1-2017: Free Contributions

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General Contributions

Using Entropy Balancing to Reduce the Effects of Selection Bias in Afterschool Studies: An Example in Studying the Relationship between Intensity of Afterschool Program Participation and Academic Achievement PDF
Denise Huang, Seth Leon, Deborah La Torre
Extended Education Supported by Parents and the Community: Its Impacts on Japanese Schoolteachers PDF
Fuyuko Kanefuji
Out-of-School Time and Youth Development: Measuring Social-Emotional Development to Inform Program Practice PDF
Gil Noam, Bailey Triggs
Educational Quality of All-Day Schools in the German-Speaking Part of Switzerland: Differentiation of the Research Perspectives with Regard to Educational Quality PDF
Marianne Schüpbach, Benjamin von Allmen, Lukas Frei, Wim Nieuwenboom
Dinosaurs and Other Dangers: Navigational Play in a World of Trouble PDF
Charles Underwood, Mara Welsh Mahmood, Dirce M.F. Pranzetti, Maria Cecilia Toloza O. Costa

DEVELOPMENTS in the Field of Extended Education

Report on the Leisure-time Pedagogy Network at the NERA Congress March 23–25 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark PDF
Björn Haglund
“International Workshop on Empirical Educational Research – Extended Education” PDF
Ann-Kathrin Mücke-Gerhardt, Sabine Maschke
Marianne Schüpbach, Ludwig Stecher
Extra-curricular Activities in Spain: Sports-related Activities and their Personal and Academical Implications PDF
Ramon Cladellas Pros, Antoni Castelló Tarrida


Recommended Readings in Extended Education PDF
Amina Fraij, Franziska Janzen, Stephan Kielblock
Metaphors of feast and famine: funds, resources and capital PDF
Julian Sefton-Green


Authors PDF
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