Vol. 2, No. 2-2014: UC Links: Collaborative Engagement in Extended Learning

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Editorial PDF
University-Community Links: Collaborative Engagement in Extended Learning PDF
Charles Underwood, Leann Parker

Articles: Main Topic: National Research Reports (Part I)

Building Zones of Proximal Development with Computer Games in a UC Links After-school Program PDF
Robert Lecusay
La Clase Mágica as a Community Based Expansive Learning Approach to STEM Education PDF
Andrew Schuetze, Lorena Claeys, Belinda Bustos Flores, Shannon Sezech
The Shere Rom Project: Looking for Alternatives to the Educational Exclusion of Roma PDF
Marta Padrós, Sònia Sànchez-Busqués, José Luis Lalueza, Isabel Crespo
“Real Learning” in Service Learning: Lessons from La Clase Mágica in the US and Spain PDF
Beatriz Macías Gómez-Estern, Virginia Martínez-Lozano, Olga A. Vásquez

Free Contributions

Dancing Ethnicity: A Qualitative Exploration of Immigrant Youth Agency in an Ethnically Specific Program PDF
Claudia G. Pineda, Michael J. Nakkula
Extended Education in Switzerland: Values in Past, Present, and Future PDF
Marianne Schüpbach
Walk-and-Talk Conversations: a Way to Elicit Children’s Perspectives and Prominent Discourses in School-Age Educare PDF
Anna Klerfelt, Björn Haglund

DEVELOPMENTS in the Field of Extended Education

Values and Prospects of Extended Education: A Critical Review of the Third NEO ER Meeting PDF
Sang Hoon Bae


Generating Transworld Pedagogies: Reimagining La Clase Mágica PDF
Belinda Bustos Flores, Olga A. Vásquez, Ellen Riojas Clark


Authors PDF
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