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Expanded learning: A thought piece about terminology, typology, and transformation

Gil G. Noam, Bailey B. Triggs

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What is it about afterschool that gives it so much potential to powerfully influence educational best practices around the world? This paper will explore what truly defines “afterschool” beyond the time- and location-based pedagogy of the term and will make the case for the use of “expanded learning” or “expanded opportunities” as the terms that most clearly describe this critical time of youth learning and development. This paper will explore the cultural and bureaucratic differences countries have that influence how young people spend their time and what those differences say about a country’s views on child development and its aspirations for its youth. Beyond an exploration of cultural differences, this paper will also discuss the trends that are influencing our international efforts to shift the view of expanded learning programs beyond a safe place to keep children occupied while their parents work, toward a fundamental space for child development and educational innovation.

Keywords: Espanded learning, afterschool, youth development, social-amotional skills


Bibliography: Noam, Gil G./Triggs, Bailey B.: Expanded learning: A thought piece about terminology, typology, and transformation, IJREE – International Journal for Research on Extended Education, Vol. 6, Issue 2-2018, pp. 165-174.