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Eliciting Concepts in the Field of Extended Education – A Swedish Provoke

Anna Klerfelt, Anna-Lena Ljusberg

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The aim of this article is to contribute to the discussion concerning the concepts used in the field of extended education by scrutinising different concepts that can contribute to research and guard the specific educational attitude of extended education as viewed from a Swedish perspective. The discussion will be based on a review of concepts used in both national and international research, as well as those formulated in Swedish policy documents and traditionally used in Swedish schoolage educare activity. Defining extended education as a social practice that aims at meaning making based on experiences from everyday life will be an important theoretical starting point to which the discussed concepts will be related. The significance of taking a point of departure in children’s perspectives is central in the article. Finally, some newly created concepts will be suggested as significant for the development of extended education.

Keywords: extended education, Swedish concepts, theories, values


Bibliography: Klerfelt, Anna/Ljusberg, Anna-Lena: Eliciting Concepts in the Field of Extended Education – A Swedish Provoke, IJREE – International Journal for Research on Extended Education, Vol. 6, Issue 2-2018, pp. 122-131.