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A Comparison of the Afterschool Programs of Korea and Japan: From the Institutional and Ecological Perspectives

Sang Hoon Bae, Fuyuko Kanefuji



The present study compared Korea and Japan in terms of each country’s afterschool program system. First, the historical and social backgrounds that have influenced the development of afterschool programs in the two countries were compared. Second, the current status of afterschool programs was described. Third, comparisons were made based on the kinds of policies that have been developed and implemented to promote the programs. The study also examined problems and issues that the two countries face in this regard. Finally, similarities and differences between the two afterschool program systems were suggested. It has been speculated that the two countries’ afterschool systems have become similar due to their geographical proximity and ongoing social and cultural interactions. However, it is argued that differences in the social contexts of the two countries have contributed to the development of distinct characteristics for each of the afterschool programs.

Keywords: Afterschool programs, Comparison, Korea and Japan, Institutional theory, Ecological perspective


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