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Dinosaurs and Other Dangers: Navigational Play in a World of Trouble

Charles Underwood, Mara Welsh Mahmood, Dirce M.F. Pranzetti, Maria Cecilia Toloza O. Costa

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This article presents a case study of a child who attended Projeto Clicar, an extended education program designed for the social and educational development of children living on the streets of São Paulo, Brasil. We discuss how his discovery of the existence of dinosaurs unleashed a sustained artistic output at Projeto Clicar. We document the “third space” of Projeto Clicar, which offered repertoires of practice that represented alternative modes of relation for the children of Projeto Clicar. We discuss how this alternative relational space provided the tools for ecological resilience in a hazardous world, as the child’s dinosaur art became both a exploration of inter-relatedness and a means of expressing his own predicament of place, navigating between the open, inclusive world of Projeto Clicar and the closed, exclusive geographies of the city streets outside its reach.

Keywords: social inclusion, third space, relational habitus, participatory appropriation, anticipatory appropriation


Bibliography: Underwood, Charles/Welsh Mahmood, Mara/Pranzetti, Dirce M.F./Toloza O. Costa, Maria Cecilia: Dinosaurs and Other Dangers: Navigational Play in a World of Trouble, IJREE, Vol. 5, Issue 1-2017, pp. 76-99.