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Animating Mastery: Navigational Play as Integrative Learning

Charles Underwood, Mara Welsh Mahmood, Dirce M.F. Pranzetti, Maria Cecίlia Toloza de O. Costa

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This research examines mediational processes in digital activities at Projeto Clicar, a program designed to promote the social inclusion of children living and working on the streets of São Paulo, Brasil. It offers a cognitive ethnography of how the program’s particular relational habitus, or pedagogical frame, shapes children’s participatory appropriation through navigational play in digital learning activities that provide for an integrative sociocultural learning process. Making the relational habitus explicit enables us to observe and clarify the mediational tools and pedagogical strategies that shape children’s navigational play and their ultimate participatory appropriation of program activities, as well as their sense of social inclusion among a community of learners.

Keywords: participatory appropriation, third space, relational habitus, navigational play, social inclusion


Bibliography: Underwood, Charles/Mahmood, Mara Welsh/Pranzetti, Dirce M. F./Costa, Maria Cecίlia Toloza de O.: Animating Mastery: Navigational Play as Integrative Learning, IJREE, Vol. 4, Issue 1-2016, pp. 85-102.