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Influential Factors in the Out-of-class Activities of Korean College Students

Sang Hoon Bae, Sue Bin Jeon, Song Ie Han

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This study aimed to explore who participates in what kinds of out-of-class activities in Korea’s universities. Therefore, the researchers examine whether differences exist in the pattern of outof- class experiences according to the individual characteristics of the students, including gender, grade, household income level, high school performance and major. The researchers also aimed to examine the empirical evidence to determine the relationships between the patterns in out-of-class activities and the institutional characteristics of the university that the student attends. In terms of the institutional characteristics, this study is concerned with the location and size of the university. To explore these questions, the researchers analyzed K-NSSE data with hierarchical linear modeling. In sum, the findings of the statistical analysis of this study support the results of the preceding research in which different personal and institutional characteristics are related to five types of out-of-class activities.

Keywords: out-of-class activities, college experiences, K-NSSE, hierarchical linear modeling


Bibliography: Bae, Sang Hoon/Jeon, Sue Bin/Han, Song Ie: Influential Factors in the Out-of-Class Activities, IJREE, Vol. 3, Issue 2-2015, pp. 99-122.