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Learning and Attitudes Towards the Knowledge of the Young Producers of Visual Culture

Imanol Aguirre

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This study strives to investigate the practices of youths as producers of visual culture that occur out of school. We attempted to determine how and where young people acquire the knowledge that they apply to their productions and identify their attitudes and interactions in relation to the learning processes. Consequently, we observed that the use of digital technologies and P2P learning dynamics, encouraged by the widespread use of the Internet, are central to the growing proliferation of creative practices engaged in by youth. All this occurs in a space of affinities, in which creation becomes indistinguishable from the learning and the socialisation. This is very different from what school can currently offer these students.

Keywords: visual culture production, youth studies, learning relationships


Bibliography: Aguirre, Imanol: Learning and Attitudes Towards the Knowledge, IJREE, Vol. 3, Issue 2-2015, pp. 36-49.