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Presentation of Research on School-Age Educare in Sweden

Anna Klerfelt, Björn Haglund

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In this article a background to the growing need of establishing school-age educare as a field of research in Sweden is presented. Firstly a short review of the history of the school-age educare is given, followed by a description of how the activity is organized today. Some examples of studies produced within this field are presented. Both accomplished studies and ongoing research are given account for. The article concludes with actions suggested for covering existing gaps of research.

Keywords: School-age educare, leisure-time centres, extended education, children’s perspectives, qualitative research


Bibliography: Klerfelt, Anna/Haglund, Björn: Presentation of Research on School-Age Educare in Sweden, IJREE, Vol. 2, Issue 1-2014, pp. 45-62.