Vol. 1, No. 3 (2014): European Review of International Studies

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Introduction: Far Away and yet so close. Former colonial Powers and the management of political crises in their former colonies PDF
Élise Féron, Valérie Rosoux
The Two Faces of Belgium in the Congo: Perpetrator and Rescuer PDF
Valérie Rosoux
Portugal and East Timor: Managing Distance and Proximity in Post-Colonial Relations PDF
Teresa Almeida Cravo, Maria Raquel Freire
France’s Intervention Policy in Africa Seen from Below: Some Thoughts on the Case of Côte d’Ivoire PDF
Richard Banégas
The Algerian Civil War, Reminiscences of the Colonial Enemy PDF
Laetitia Bucaille
Prisoners of History? British-Irish Relations and the Conflict in Northern Ireland PDF
Élise Féron
Post-Soviet or Post-Colonial? The relations between Russia and Georgia after 1991 PDF
Laetitia Spetschinsky, Irina V. Bolgova

Review Article

The Limits of Guilt and Correctness: The Postcolonial Metropole and Postcolonial Literature PDF
Stephen Chan

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